I met a Lovely Escort in West Midland


I was all broken when my girlfriend since college left me and go with some other guy whom she had just meet for a week Anna from West Midland escorts from http://www.westmidlandescorts.com. She just left me a note saying goodbye and sorry. Those two words deeply breaks my heart that I couldn’t even afford to go to work. I feel so useless and hopeless. I lose my job as a senior manager of the best company in all because of her, betraying me. I really wanted to talk to her but even I roamed around the world I really can’t find her for she really don’t want to see me. The day before she left me was so sweet and romantic day for the two of us and that it hurts me so bad for I didn’t see changes in her feelings in me and so do I to her. I saw a loving woman and the sweetest girl in the planet lying on my shoulders and giving me sweet and gentle kisses down to my neck. We both feel so in love with each other and we just ended the day sleeping together naked for we wanted to savor the moment together as one body, soul and spirit loving each other without hesitations. What made her change her mind? That’s the question that really plays around my wrecking and damn head. I really wanted to shout and punch every corner of my place but doing that could not even bring her back in my lap and in my arms again. I just stayed all alone in my couch naked and mesmerizing the moments that we had together. She left me without reasons and it hurts me so badly for I never done something bad in her to hurt her and made her leave me without reasons at all. After a year of being miserable about life I made up my mind to go on with my life and forgive myself for being hurting with betrayal. I always think she betrays me for she left without telling me reasons. So as a start of my moving on process I moved into another place. I look for a job that is not in the place where I am so I transferred to London. When I first landed the place I feel so nervous for I don’t know nothing about the place. I just go in there and give all the situations to happen in accordance to its will. I was so lucky then for the people in there were so cool and accommodating. After a month of staying London and navigating the place I was hired as junior manager so much a big different to what I become with previous job. But I would be willing to work hard for it to gain it again. I started a new life and eventually after two years of working so hard I made it to be as the senior manager. I’ve receiving a lot of awards for I made all the best I can with my work and I don’t want to lose it again. So after all the achievements and success that I have I feel something lucking and I have just realized that it’s about time that I will give myself a try of finding someone to be with me.

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