If one of the most important things in life is getting married, why are men still using women for money


A lot has changed since I was in high school when I moved away from my small home to live with an aunt in london. I didn’t know much about how to live in this new place, but one thing that became very apparent is how easy it was for men to find women who would be willing to do favors for them or sleep with them.


Since working for London escorts, I have met many thousands of men and women all around the london, and they all tell me the fact that men are using women for money is still very apparent. I am not saying there are many unmarried women who also want to sleep with men (there are obviously some) but married women sure seem to be used. I was even told by one man from London escorts at Charlotte Escorts Available Girls, that he needed my help because he had lost his job and had no money! Was this the only reason why he wanted me to help him? Unfortunately, I didn’t know what else he needed (money is different) so I couldn’t help him.


I asked a woman once why she was helping a man with money. She told me that she was only helping him because he promised to marry her! Wow, so she was getting married just to have someone who would care for her? I can tell you that in london right now, it is very apparent that being a woman is very hard work! The odds are very much against you when you are a woman in the london. The worst part is that women are generally taught to love men very much, but this love does not always pay off.


In many parts of the world, according to London escorts, men have been known to use women for money and sex so they don’t have to work as hard as they should. It is sad but true. Many of my friends know about this problem all over the world where they live. This is more common in some countries than others, but it is still a problem.


I have heard about many women who have been willing to have sex with men more times than they can count. This may sound great for those men, but I find it hard to believe that women would feel the need to sleep with so many men for money all the time. But as I mentioned earlier, this is very much a fact in many countries around the world (including America). There are even places where prostitution (not just sex) has become a huge business and women are used as much as possible.


The answer to the question “why do men still use women for money?” is because they can. That may sound harsh to say, but it is true. Men seem to think that they can take advantage of women in many ways and still get away with it. I know that women also do the same thing, but I feel strongly about this issue because I have seen it in action all around me for a long time now. So why would a man be willing to take from a woman when he doesn’t plan on giving back?


If a man sees a woman who wants to give him money or even sex, he knows that she will probably give if he just asks. I have also heard that some men will pretend to offer to do something for a woman if they think she will be willing to pay for it. I have been told that some women actually believe that the man loves them, but I am very skeptical of this because men seem to make a lot of promises and not follow through on them.



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