Some guys are just too methodical in bed


You know precisely what your boyfriend or husband will do before he does it, and you wish he would come home and throw you on the kitchen table instead.

It may sound a bit extreme, but a couple says that they have had a couple of boyfriends who have just been too methodical in bed. Perhaps it is not only Hertfordshire escorts that feel this way. Many other ladies up and down the country could be feeling the same way, and it is only Hertfordshire escorts from who are brave enough to say anything.

It seems funny that we ladies don’t talk about stuff like this, and I applaud Hertfordshire escorts for bringing the matter to our attention. Speaking to the Hertfordshire escorts, they thought it would be interesting to have other ladies’ opinions.

If your boyfriend is boring in bed, say Hertfordshire escorts, it is perhaps about time that you did something about it. Sometimes, men presume that women should still grin and put up with sex, not enjoy it. Many men always seem to be under the old impression that they should only be pleasing themselves, which is right somehow.

You can quickly tell who they are; they tend to be the guys who are very organized in bed and follow a preplanned set of events. A kiss there, a little lick here, and then it is all over. If you do the same thing night after night, it soon gets very dull.

Should you put up with it?

The truth is that you shouldn’t put up with that, and quite honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking along those lines. Satisfaction and enjoyment out of a physical relationship are just as important to women as men, state Hertfordshire escorts, and don’t let them think otherwise. If you are not enjoying sex with your partner anymore, you should be prepared to do something about it.

You can tell your partner that you are not very happy in bed and say that you need something more. The thing with men is that they tend to be kind of physical and may need a bit of a demonstration. At the same time, tell him that he can’t just add one thing to your love-making, but he needs to add more. Who was the last woman he made love to and does he have a lot of sexual experience?

Sometimes, I wish our partners would fill in a CV before they jumped into bed with us. I would go for a more passionate partner every time.

Passion is a big part of our sex lives, and sometimes we forget how good it feels just to be completely turned on. Yes, it might be over in five minutes flat, but it was worth the ride. It is great to feel like that sometimes.

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